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  how to print sublimation ink into sublimation paper ?    
[作者: Zoe Yang 2012-12-08 点击: 5261 ]

how to print sublimation ink into sublimation paper ?

 1)  The first part is very simple and resembles exactly to normal process of digital printing . Precisely in the same manner, we print the artwork (as mirror image) on the sublimation transfer paper using sublimation ink .

 2) Put the printed paper on substrates ,such as polyester and nylon fabric .

    After digital printing, put the printed paper on the surface of the substrates , and with printed surface facing downwards on the surface of substrates.

 3) Put both the paper and substrates on the heat press.

     And heat ,time and pressure is applied using a heat press. The ink sublimates i.e. converts to  gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface, thus transferring image.

 4) Finally ,take out paper and fabric from heat press ,the final product will be born .


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