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  What machines used for sublimation inks on t shirts ?    
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What machines used for sublimation inks on t shirts ? 


Offset ( or lithography ) - sublimation heat transfer imprinting
Digital ( or inkjet printing ) - sublimation heat transfer imprinting
Silk screen - sublimation heat transfer imprinting
Rotogravure ( or intaglio ) - sublimation heat transfer imprinting
1. Digital printing Sublimation Ink was designed for digital printing . It was used on all kinds Piezoelectric printers and Inkjet printer , such as EPSON , MIMAKI , ROLAND and MUTOH printers .
2. Offset Sublimation Ink was designed for offset printing . It was used on all kinds offset printing machine  such as single-color , dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine .Be adaptable to the demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing .
3. Silk screen Sublimation Ink was designed for silk-screen printing . It is able to be used for various heat transfer printing on fabric, polyester pellicle and metal-coated board. This product is suitable for a variety of domestic or import heat transfer printing machines.
4.Rotogravure Sublimation Ink was designed for use on various kinds of rotogravure printing press such as single-color, two-color and multi-color rotogravure printing press. Be adaptable to the demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing.

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